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The boutique bungalow resort with a restaurant is an important part of the Smiling Gecko aid project, which is breaking new grounds in helping disadvantaged people in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world. With our economically, social and ecologically sustainable cluster projects, we have adopted a holistic approach to development aid, aimed at the long-term improvement of the lives of people and communities in rural Cambodia. Since 2014, we have given hundreds of people from the slums of the capital Phnom Penh and from the rural region a secure future in rural Cambodia. Since then, many jobs and training places have been created in agriculture, hospitality and gastronomy, crafts and education. In all our Cluster projects, we take on young Cambodians, offering them sustainable jobs and vocational training to enable them to support themselves and their families in the long run.

In order to accommodate visitors, guests and students involved in the project, a guest house with a kitchen was built on the project site in 2015. Since then, the Farmhouse has been extensively expanded and various attractive leisure activities have been added. Today, around 32 young Cambodians find sustainable employment and training in hospitality business.

By staying at the Farmhouse Resort & Spa, you support the sustainable Smiling Gecko cluster project and contribute to its success.


The Farmhouse also receives support and coaching from the Foundation Uccelin, which was initiated by 3 Michelin stars and 19 Gault Millau points awarded top chef Andreas Caminada, to promote culinary and service talents. As a part of this close cooperation, Uccelin graduates travel to Cambodia for 4 to 8 weeks to serve as mentors and trainers for the hotel kitchen and service teams.

In Cooperation with



Smiling Gecko is orientated towards the same goals as the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. At the Farmhouse, we also work hard to become even more socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

In March 2018 our Farmhouse was among the winners of the German Travel Award – The Golden Palm. In the category “Responsibility in Tourism” we were awarded the 3rd place. 



We currently provide 30 employees with a secure job, humane working conditions and a fair income that enables them to earn a living for themselves and their families. Our team members receive continuous vocational training on the job and have daily English lessons in specially designed classes. Their children are cared for at the kindergarten and have the chance of a good education at the Smiling Gecko School.

Directly and indirectly, more than 180 people benefit from the Farmhouse.


Mrs. Phean MON 

Spa Therapist & Yoga Teacher

since 05.09.2016


Mr. Ty YOUS 

Restaurant Manager

since 03.01.2019


Mrs. Leakena RUN

Housekeeping Team Leader

since 12.01.2019


Mr. Pheara NHEB 

Operations Manager

since 02.01.2019


Mr. Sokphai PHAN

Tour Guide

since 02.01.2020



Front Desk Team Leader

since 07.09.2018


Smiling Gecko is highly committed to achieving ecological sustainability. This includes an implementation of a waste management system, which we are constantly improving. Our goal is to become plastic free in the foreseeable future and use a decentralised sewage system. It functions as our own natural wastewater treatment plant and aims to protect public health and the natural environment by significantly reducing health and environmental hazards. 

To avoid plastic waste, we are collaborating with "Refill Not Landfill". This organisation aims to reduce plastic waste by encouraging the use of reusable drinking bottles. Thus, and by offering free water refill stations at participating businesses and partners around the world, millions of single-use plastic water bottles can be replaced. We are using the tagged bottles for our tours and they are also available for purchase at the front desk to support the good cause. As well, we have glass bottles in the rooms, to further our plastic-free commitment. 


An equally important pillar of our environmental commitment is the use of organic food and our farm-to-table philosophy of sourcing the ingredients of our food directly from the Smiling Gecko farm wherever possible.

Many things are still work in progress, and we are working hard every day to improve ourselves ecologically and achieve the best possible sustainability.



Like all Smiling Gecko projects, the Farmhouse is designed to be self-sustaining in the future and to contribute with its profits to the maintenance of the school and the education of the children. This creates the exemplary model of a functioning rural community, which ensures education, decent work and sustainable income for the people.

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